Emmanuel University is not just another catchphrase. It is not just another school or a wish. Emmanuel University is the result of years of practical research. The EU niche is peculiar. Therefore, all the paraphernalia are in place for practical results. Emmanuel
University is an all-round educational institution involved in science, technology, art,
and business. Most importantly, Emmanuel University a private non-profit institution that
grew out of a church in North Carolina, United States of America. EU is not a theological
seminary. However, all students of Emmanuel University are able to tap into Christian Biblical
Concepts (CBC) to seek understanding, explanation, and direction pertaining to ALL courses and
programs they pursue. The institution subscribes to 2nd Timothy, Chapter 3, Verse 16-17 (King
James Version): “16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for
doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of
God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

Emmanuel University believes the Holy Bible to be one of the best English Language
textbooks, one of the best History textbooks, one of the best Philosophy textbooks, one of the
best Counseling textbooks, and one of the best resources for life skills. Therefore, Emmanuel
University students are able to explore even the deepest Biblical territories in those 66
books that some teachers and preachers are afraid to explore. Students are allowed to
officially use such territories in their academic explorations, scholarly research, and
presentations, no matter their field of study at EU. Emmanuel University believes sciences,
technology, art, and business are all subject to Biblical precepts. EU students are in for a
life-change treat that will lead to changing lives across the globe.

Emmanuel University is a university providing education to members of the global community
who subscribe the journey the university is embarking on. This institution understands that
life is a journey. Everyone has a God-given mandate to fulfill. EU understands that life has
meaning only when the individuals living that live are able to do exactly what they are placed
on earth to do. Therefore, Emmanuel University created the slogan, Create, Innovate, Edify.

Every person who graduates from Emmanuel University must create something to contribute to
development somewhere on the planet. No person graduates from EU without demonstrating his
or her God-given mandate. The demonstration must include providing a solution to lay a
foundation for that mandate. Upon graduation and commencement, a product of EU must walk
into the world he or she has already created and innovated. That world should include creating
businesses, jobs, and other opportunities for other people to grow and maximize their own
potentials. All graduates of EU must have created, innovated, and edified between their dates of
admission and dates of degree completion. Every EU enrollee must know about his or her call,
appointment, and anointing to create, innovate, and edify.