Adjunct Faculty

Did you know you could teach for our university without leaving your current job? At Emmanuel University, our flexible class schedules mean you can teach for us part-time without interrupting your full-time career. We want faculty members who are active in their fields with real-world experience. Today’s highly competitive globe means an education that prepares students to create an innovate is more important than ever. Our School of Advanced Studies and School of Christian Studies offer degree programs that prepare students to be creators and innovators on global matters.

Understand what you are going to teach.
Be academically knowledgeable to deliver to learners.
Let students know how they are doing academically.
Assume faculty-level out-of- class tasks when they are assigned.


Doctorate degree from a verifiable university.
18 verifiable graduate credits in your field of study.
5 years university teaching experience
Involvement in scholarly research.
Have access to uninterrupted Internet access.
Have experience in the academic and professional field.
User level knowledge of Office software.
Scholarly Presentations and Publications.

Job Type: Academic Affairs
Position Type: Part-Time
Job Location: Virtual