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Emmanuel University Online is completely interested in the privacy of every user of this site. Every piece of information that passes through this portal will not go into the hands of third parties except only when it is lawful to do so. Please understand that your use of this site is an indication that you subscribe to international technology use policies and principles. As this university operates in the cyberspace, visitors are required to demonstrate ethical use of this site. This institution will continuously strive to do the same.
Faculty, Staff, Student, Prospect Information:

The Internet has capacity to capture and retain information of surfers. Therefore, the institution does not have control of public interest in learning about this institution. This university may not know or be able to determine who the surfers are. However, any individuals who make legitimate inquiries may be assured that the personal information they volunteer to this institution may also assist the operations in sharpening services rendered to surfers to make their surfing experience positive. Diverse Internet tools may be used to make the services better without knowing who genera surfers are.

When changes become necessary, this institution will implement such changes. Knowing that operational changes are in the interest of surfers, such changes may not be pre-announced before implementation. Surfers are able to email this institution with questions when necessary. Visitors to this site should feel free to let this institution know if and when they believe that inappropriate conducts or abuse may have occurred.